Republish your work to the web

In this task, you’ll use GitHub Pages again to re-publish your work to the web.

Look at your gh-pages branch. Does it have your new work there? How can you check this?

You can use git branch to check what branch you are on, git log to see a list of commits you have made, and git checkout <branchname> to switch between branches.

When two branches have diverged (they have some commits the same and some commits different), you can do a merge to bring the two together. Have a look at the git merge section of this tutorial. Merge your master branch into your gh-pages.

First, checkout your gh-pages branch like this:

git checkout gh-pages

Now tell git to bring in your new work from your master branch like this:

git merge master

Now republish your work. If you’re not sure how, have a look at how you published your work the first time?

Don’t forget to change back to your master branch.